Find out about AAF Floorplan Finance

How it works

Upon approval of your AAF floorplan facility you'll be able to purchase vehicles on credit up to your personalised limit.

Your AAF facility funds the vehicles purchased from Nichibo for up to 6 months after shipment or upon retail sale, whichever comes first.

The facility comprises of a series of individual loans relating to each specific vehicle purchased.

Payment is due within 3 days after each vehicle sale, allowing you to match your vehicle payments with the cash flow from retail sales.

How much can I borrow?

Each AAF facility is tailored specifically to your business based on average monthly sales plus a ratio allowing for stock in transit.

What is the interest rate?

AAF facility offers a rate of 9%*. Interest is calculated daily and you're only charged via direct debit for the number of days each specific vehicle is on your facility.

* Interest subject to change and change will be advised in writing.
What is covered What is not covered
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