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Grow Your Business with AAF Floorplan Finance

Auto Advance Finance

Auto Advance Finance (AAF) is a dedicated automotive floorplan that matches your repayments with your dealership's cashflow.

Get up to $250,000.00* with AAF Lite and more with AAF.

Our facility allows you to use funds from the retail sale of a vehicle to repay your credit line, giving you the flexibility to operate smarter and grow your business faster.

We offer AAF Lite for a simpler application process and a lower credit limit.

*Terms apply


AAF is a unique floorplan facility in that it matches payment with cashflow, you wont need to pay until you've been paid for the sale of a vehicle.

Vehicles are invoiced in New Zealand dollars to avoid exposure to FX risk from the time of purchase to the time you pay. To learn more click here

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